Conversionizer Review – Get MASSIVE $35,000 BONUS PACKAGE NOW! Conversionizer Bonus

Conversionizer Is A Super Technology that is ready to work tirelessly for your business, optimizing your traffic to make sure that your maximum sales & leads from the traffic.

A technology that only requires you to load up your campaign ONCE …while you watch the sales roll in like clockwork!

Features & Benefits

Move The Conversion Rate Slider To The Right & See The Effect On Your Revenue.

  • The Conversionizer dashboard is designed to assist you focus on what needs to be done to optimise conversions.
  • Calculate conversion rate targets. See what needs to be done to put money in your pocket.
  • Immediately see which pages are getting traffic, top converting pages & posts, revenue, traffic costs and active split tests.
  • Click straight through to begin optimizing. Conversionizer really is the simplest way to optimise your website.

Optimize Inbound Links

  • Imagine if you knew that for each link click, you would make X$ whether they bought or not?
  • Possible when you use Conversionizer for inbound link campaigns.
  • Conversionizer inbound link tracking allows you target and optimise audiences by any category such as FB interests, Adwords keywords, demographics, and ad types.
  • Keep track of traffic costs, click by click.

Optimize Pages & Posts

  • What if you could get more sales from your blog & site pages with no extra traffic?
  • Conversionizer tracks organic traffic to your pages & posts.
  • Sort out what will bring you more sales as well as subscribers to your mailing list.
  • Understand visitors to your website better.
  • Optimise content using split testing & Conversionizer ‘Action Links’.
  • Track revenue, earnings per click (EPC), conversion rates & more over any time period.

Split Testing

  • Split testing, normally a complicated process, is made simple & automated with Conversionizer.
  • It only takes 3 simple steps from idea of what might work better, to creating a test to publishing winning content.
  • We’ve taken the pain out of split-testing using page cloning & hands-free optimization.
  • No coding and low tech. Statistical analysis done for you.
  • Easily set up lots of split tests and your website will optimise by itself.. and keep you up-to-date with email notifications.

Call-To-Action Optimization

  • Maximize click-through-rate (CTR) on important links with Conversionizer ‘Action Links’
  • To get sales & subscribers we need visitors to click links such as ‘Buy’ buttons, ‘Subscribe Now’ or aff links.
  • Conversionizer makes it easy to track desired actions.
  • Compare CTR right down to how well every link converts to sales.
  • Use the shortcode generator & place them on your page or post.
  • Monitor and optimize.
  • Get more people clicking on your call-to-action.
  • Boost the likelihood of more sales.

Email Notifications

  • Allow Conversionizer to optimise your website and notify you by email with it’s progress.
  • Conversionizer works while you’re busy building your business, or chilling at the beach.
  • Receive notifications when you make sales, when split-tests win, and when Conversionizer auto-updates your content.
  • Intelligent actionable data. ​

How Does it Work?

Your All-In-One Easy Step by Step Solution For Building Profitable Traffic Optimized Campaigns Like A Pro!

STEP 1: Upload And Activate The Plugin…
STEP 2: Configure Conversionizer To Optimize Your Marketing…
STEP 3: Activate Your Campaign…
STEP 4: Watch Your Leads & Sales Explode…

4 Powerful Reasons Why You Need Conversionizer


  • Split Testing
  • Extremely easy & quick with Conversionizer. Find the best content to get more sales & subscribers.
  • Set and forget. Unlimited tests mean that your website can become a conversion machine.


  • Target Organic Traffic
  • Conversionizer assists you target organic traffic & optimize conversions.
  • Understand & target traffic. Test different blog & page content. Email notifications. Winning content auto published for you.


  • Inbound Link Campaigns
  • Conversionizer tracks campaigns with any type of advertising such as FB, Adwords or media buying.
  • Track & optimize keywords, interests, ad-types, demographics. Collect variable click costs. Powerful & simple to use.


  • Aff Marketing, E-commerce Stores
  • Connect with aff marketing networks using Conversionizer pixel and URL generators.
  • Instant sale notifications from Clickbank and JVZoo.
  • Auto detects Woo Commerce & Easy Digital Downloads.

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